Friday, October 12, 2012

My little man first time being sick @ 16 months

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Every one of us is sick. Hubby has been sick since last week and he has been sleeping in another bedroom. I've tried making herb drink for him, asking him to gargle with salt, asking him to take his cough mixture or his medicine for his flu but he's still not well. I really don't expect him to be well as he is only taking most of the stuff I recommend half heartedly. He is always forgetting or have excuses like he's full etc. I'm not here to babysit a grown adult so if he's not going to follow simple instruction then he can suffer and stay sick. The only problem is now my little guy and I are sick too!!

I had onion rings and potato wedges for lunch yesterday (good going huh!) I should have been more careful but I didn't think about it and as soon as I finished them I felt like my throat was not feeling well. I quickly drank some pei pa koa drink and shared it with my baby too!!such a stupid move on me but I've been kissing him etc too.. Anyway last night I was so very miserable. I had the chills and I was so worn out but could not sleep. Finally I got up and took two ibuprofen and went over to hubs room to get some cough drops which helps a little. My baby cough several times last night too and was having sleepless nights. He would wake up and have a difficulty going back to sleep. Thankfully he wasn't crying or anything just slowly going back to sleep. I was sooo frustrated cause I was miserable and I knew I needed sleep but could not sleep at all all night. I was soooo miserable I wanted to cry!

Anyway I called my baby's doctor to see what medicine they recommended since I am still breastfeeding and to see what they thought about my little guy's condition. She wanted me to go to a doctor because she is scared I might have strep which I don't think so since I'm not that bad so I'm giving it another day before I go see a doctor. Towards afternoon my little man started coughing more and actually wake him up from his nap. He would actually cough until he cried! I am not sure if his throat hurt or he has phlegm or he's not sue to the coughing. He also had a slight fever of 101.5. I quickly called the doctor's office again (doctor's night mare to have patience like this huh) and see what they said. She said to monitor my little man and give him Tylenol to get the fever down. If he still has fever tomorrow morning they will need to see him. So far after the first dose the fever is pretty much gone but I did give him another dose before bed just in case. They also told use to spray some saline solution in him but he cried when he saw it so hubby said we would just wait and see if he really needs it.

I on the other had was feeling fine and was cooking some porridge and totally is judge how long it would take to cook them. Anyway it took longer than expected and my ibuprofen worn off so I didn't feel very good. I felt like I almost wanted to faint. I quickly go take two ibuprofen again because I know my fever is back. I was so miserable again because I was so hungry but didn't feel well. All I wanted to do was to lay down. Thankfully when the medicine kicked in I felt much better. I've been gargling my mouth with salt water and trying to suck on strepsil and some cough drops. I actually don't feel that bad during the day if I continue take my ibuprofen and the fever don't kick in.

I've always been very very careful about getting my little man sick. Apart from him getting fever from his jabs or teething he's never been sick! I've always tried to shield him and make sure I sanitize etc so he has a slight chance on getting sick. This time he is not spared. I just hope that he is not severe and he will get well quickly! As for me I need to get well soon so I can take care of my boys!

My poor boy coughing all night long and when ever he's taking a nap hence he is not getting much nap and has been cranky all day. He's also puked a few times which is good because it is how he expels his phlegm but the bad part is I've been having to wash the sheets every time he pukes cause is usually on me and all over the sheets. 

Friday, September 21, 2012


Hubs have had a long week this week. He's been leaving for work earlier than usual and been getting back pretty late. By the time he comes home our little guy is already asleep or going to bed. He has not seen his son much in the evening and some mornings when he leaves earlier.

This morning he didn't leave early because he was waiting for the new iPhone 5 to arrive since is signature required. Anyway as usual our little man was playing with his dad and giving his daddy his books to read to him. I don't remember what he was doing but I told hubs "ehh you ask him take the "B A L L" for you (I spelled it).. Before hubby could tell his son to take the ball for him he ran to take the ball and give it to him!! We try and spell a lot of things to him when we talk to him.

Coincident you would say? After we got home from dinner just now the hubs tried it again. The hubs said " can you get daddy the ball(he spelled it) and his little man went and got the ball and gave it to him!! I guess he knows that's the spelling for ball.

Although he doesn't speak much words for his age compared to some kids but I guess as long as he understands is a good start. As long as he is trying I won't worry much at the moment. I think spelling things to him is another good way to teach him. I'm so proud of my little man and just his little accomplishment. What more can we ask for from a little man that's only 15 months old :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

15 months

My little guy is about 15.5 months now. We went to the doctor for his 15 months wellness check up a few weeks ago and also to get a few jabs (poor guy!) As he gets older it is more and more of a challenge for the pediatrician to check him and also to give him his jabs!

K.O after his traumatic time at the dr's office

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Little guys development is improving everyday. He is at this age where he is testing his boundaries and does not understand when we are trying to reason with him which drives hubs and I crazy since he will do things he is not suppose to like pull the blinds (he broke one of my blinds already which cost about $45 per piece!), or open the drawers and pulling stuff out, pulling hubs glasses etc.. I tried giving him time out but sometimes he just thinks that is a game!

Loves to walk...especially walk by himself without holding anyone's hands. He can run very quick too! Every time when we go shopping hubs will watch him and just get worn out chasing after him! Last week I took him to the mall he was trying to run everywhere! I was trying to hold him and push the stroller! @_@ we really need to get a harness for him real soon! Hubs didn't like the ones that we saw in the store. He wants to get the one to put on his hands but I don't want. I want those that is actually on his body. Still debating and we really need to make a decision real soon or else it can be very difficult to chase him and he don't like to hold our hands. When we let him walk freely in the store u can she the smile he has on his face! Happy as a pig in a sty!! Lol

The past 3.5 weeks we finally decided that hubs should sleep with him in another bed so he don't "snack" on me all night long causing him and I to have lack of asleep. It was pretty difficult at first then he finally got it down to nurse, dad reads story books, turn off the lights and bed time. I had to put him to bed at night last week twice and the first time was really difficult as he wanted to nurse to sleep. Second night he knew and didn't ask to nurse. He is still nursing to nap and I've been trying to break this habit and doing the going to bed routine but it has not been working. I really don't mind him nursing nap time but I just don't want to spoil the night routine. Morning at about 5-6 am he would wake up and cry and I will carry him in my bed nurse him and hopefully he will snooze for another hour or some. This week we have not been lucky at all! He has been getting up at 6am and refusing to go back to sleep! The last two night he has been waking up at almost midnight and waking up him the morning between 4-6 am (usually at the early time). I do not believe in having him cry himself to sleep cause No ONE should need to cry themselves to sleep so hubs and I decided that if he cries to hard I will get him and he has been crying very hard for me so have been nursing him until he's drowsy and putting him down. However in the morning I still take him to bed with me and nurse him. Today he got up at 3:50 am and was screaming for me! He also got up at 6am!! FML.. If he's crying like this no one can sleep anyway so might as well I get him instead of sleepless morning for the whole family.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I cannot believe my baby turned ONE! Sob sob.. His journey into toddler hood has begun! It just seems like yesterday that I was heavily pregnant and was anticipating his arrival! Hoping and praying that everything will go alright and that I have a healthy and happy baby.

Fast forward 12 months later I have a healthy and mostly happy boy!! This little guy has not only have me wrap around his little fingers but he has his daddy, my parents even my sister!! He really knows how to charm people!

I am really happy that my sister got to celebrate his FIRST birthday with us. Plane tickets were sky rocket high but my sister and her friend made an effort to come down and celebrated his birthday with us. hooray!!!

I was planning on having a huge birthday party for him, but after doing some research I decided not to because they said that kids at his age does not know how to appreciate a birthday party and it can be too over whelming for him as well.

Friday, May 18, 2012

First mother's day

I blogged about my first mother's day on mother's day itself but didn't get a chance to finish it and I am not sure if I did not save it so it actually went missing! I've been too tired the past weeks to do much.

I had a great mother's day. Hubby made breakfasts that morning. I requested biscuits and gravy because I knew that it would make hubby's life easier! Lol Anyway that is one of DH's speciality. I also know that in the mornings because of my little guy we don't have much time to prepare breakfast. 

We basically went out to shop a little on Saturday and stayed home on Sunday instead since I know that it will be packed everywhere (is always packed anyway but worst I would assume). Also on Sundays I rather stay at home and rest so that hubby can get well rested for the week instead of running around doing errands or going shopping. 

DH changed all of my little guys diapers so I didn't even change a single one of his diapers!! Lol.. He tried to deal with our little guy all day long while mummy just chill. All mummy needed to do was to nurse him and put him to sleep because they both come hand in hand. 

To end my night my two boys wrote me a little note (I could hear both of them when I was taking a shower) lol. Daddy was trying to reprimand him from touching or destroying stuff while he's trying to type the note on the computer. 

Can't wait for father's day! Hopefully it will be a good one for hubby!
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